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What is a Permanency Award?

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Injuries at work or while taking part in a work-related activity can seriously impede the way a person can perform their job for the rest of their lives. In most cases, workers’ compensation and permanency awards can start to ease the healing process. Here’s an overview of permanency awards and how they help should you […]

Am I Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

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Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. Luckily, if your injury arises from your workplace, your medical bills and lost wages may be compensated by your employer. The rules can be unclear, however, so here’s a quick rundown of who can be covered by workers’ compensation. What It Is Workers’ compensation (sometimes called workmans’ […]

Worker’s Compensation After Employee’s Death

Worker’s compensation is granted to a worker that has been injured at work and is unable to perform their duties as they did previously because of the accident. This helps to pay all of the medical bills that occur, as well as help with bringing in income, even though the person is unable to work. […]

Why You Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer in New Jersey

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Many injured workers consider the pros and cons of managing a workers’ compensation case without an experienced attorney. The employer’s HR department makes it seem like a simple process but, unfortunately, a workers’ comp case can be frustrating and challenging. When you’re trying to recover from an injury, you may benefit from workers’ compensation law […]

Factory Worker Severely Injured in Workplace Accident

Authorities say a factory worker in Carlstadt was severely injured in a workplace accident. The victim, who name and age have not been revealed, was working at the Knickerbocker Bed Frame Company at around 9:30 a.m. when a machine carrying over 4,000 pounds of steel lost hold of its contents, trapping the worker. An initial […]

Egg Harbor Man Wins Right to Have Medical Marijuana Covered by NJ Workers’ Comp

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A worker at a lumber company in Pleasantville NJ successfully petitioned to get his medical marijuana bills covered by workers’ compensation. The injured man, Andrew Watson, is a resident of Egg Harbor Township and an employee of 84 Lumber. While using a power saw to perform job-related tasks in 2008, Watson sustained a serious injury […]