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What is a Permanency Award?

Injuries at work or while taking part in a work-related activity can seriously impede the way a person can perform their job for the rest of their lives. In most cases, workers’ compensation and permanency awards can start to ease the healing process.

Here’s an overview of permanency awards and how they help should you become ill or injured.

The Basics of Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a monetary payment that comes from your employer if you are injured while performing your job. This compensation is meant to make up for lost wages and medical expenses.

Permanency Awards

A permanency award is a form of workers’ compensation. These are granted when an employee loses permanent use of a body part, such as a limb or organ. In New Jersey, however, loss of use doesn’t need to factor into the person’s job. If the injury impedes daily activities or hobbies, an award can still be granted.

Permanency awards are separate from other payment awards, including medical, rehabilitation, and retraining compensation.

How a Permanency Awards are Granted

The amount of compensation of a permanency award is measured by weeks, percentage of body part lost, and the employee’s weekly wage.

Level of compensation: New Jersey has two types of awards: scheduled and unscheduled. Both are defined by percentage of impairment, and

When assessment occurs: Evaluation of impairment occurs after the individual reaches maximum medical improvement (as determined by a doctor). Then it will be judged whether the injury has a permanent impact on daily life.

Questions About Permanency Awards

Have any questions about whether you or someone you know deserves a permanency award? Give us a call. We’ll walk you through the worker’s compensation process and determine just how much you should receive.