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What Does A Bankruptcy Lawyer Actually Do?

Unless you want to take on the feat of filing for bankruptcy on your own, you’ll need a bankruptcy lawyer. But what do bankruptcy lawyers specifically do for you? A lot, it turns out. Take a look at how your lawyer helps you file for bankruptcy.


Before you even start any bankruptcy activities, your lawyer will give you good advice on what to do. Many lawyers give a free initial meeting to determine the best option for you. They may even suggest something other than bankruptcy, which may be debt consolidation or a financial advisor.

If they do recommend bankruptcy, they’ll help you decide between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 based on your unique situation.

Bankruptcy lawyers know all of the rules and expectations that go along with the bankruptcy process, so you know you’re in good hands.

Take Care Of The Steps

When you and your lawyer begin the bankruptcy process, they’ll help with the steps and long do-to list that might be too difficult to take on your own:

  • They help you decide the official filing date
  • They collect info from you (tax returns, paycheck stubs, etc.)
  • They file your case with the court

Prepares Paperwork

Bankruptcy forms and paperwork can get pretty lengthy, but your attorney will take care of it with your help. You’ll have to provide info about your job and what you own.

Your lawyer will then run that info through a computer program and have everything ready to go.

Attends Meetings

There are several meetings and hearings that take place during the bankruptcy process. You’re required to go the first hearing with your creditors, but only your lawyer will need to attend most (if not all) of the meetings after that.

Your Communicator

Maybe most importantly, your lawyer acts as your communication between you and the courts. They’ll be on the phone and in email interactions with trustees, creditors, as well as keeping you up to date on what’s happening with your case.

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This article should not be taken as legal advice. These are only a few things attorneys handle. If you’re considering bankruptcy or another legal debt relief option, you need to consult an attorney for guidance. If you’re in New Jersey and seeking legal assistance, we can help you.

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