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West Orange NJ Man Files Class Action Lawsuit against Pokemon Go Developers

Pokemon Go has been all the rage among many people, both young and old, in recent weeks. There have been countless news stories about the extreme popularity of the game, which is played on iPhones and leads individuals on “hunts” all over real locations for Pokemon Go characters. However, a man from West Orange NJ is not happy that a lot of Pokemon Go players have begun to trespass on his property as they search for the game characters.

Jeffrey Marder, a West Orange NJ, recently filed a class action lawsuit against the developers of the Pokemon Go game. Marder claims that the game’s creators have profited by encouraging people to trespass on private property without obtaining the consent of the property owners.

Shortly after being released on July 6, Pokemon Go became the most downloaded mobile game of all time. Players download the game onto their smartphones and then use a GPS tracking system to locate imaginary characters in the real world.

There have been some stories about individuals considering the possibility of filing personal injury lawsuits after being involved in accidents with pedestrians and drivers who were distracted while playing Pokemon Go. What makes this situation unique, however, is that the plaintiff is targeting the people who have created and marketed the Pokemon Go game.

Marder filed the civil lawsuit in a U.S. District Court in California, where the company that developed Pokemon Go has offices. Marder alleges that “strangers began lingering outside of his home with their phones in hand” as they played Pokemon Go on their cell phones. According to Marder, at least five people even went so far as to knock on his front door and request permission to enter his backyard so that they could locate and “capture” Pokemon Go characters that were present on his property. That’s the crux of Marder’s lawsuit: he alleges that the game’s developers never got his permission before placing the Pokemon characters on his West Orange NJ property. This has created a nuisance, argues Marder, which prevents him from enjoying his property.

For more information about this case, read the article, “N.J. Man Sues Pokemon Go Developers to Get Gamers off His Lawn.”

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