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The Responsible Dog Ownership Act

Bites from animals like dogs can result in serious injury or even death. Thanks to proper training and ownership, most dogs are well-behaved pets and easy to interact with. But if dogs are neglected, abused, or in a protective mindset, they can quickly turn from friendly to ferocious.

Most cities or counties have some type of law about how dogs need to be restrained outdoors and in public areas, though some of these laws can be vague.

Following the news of injuries and a fatality from dog bites in 2014, two New Jersey lawmakers introduced legislation to require more strict laws regarding how dogs are restrained.

The Legislation

The bill, called the Responsible Dog Ownership Act, requires two restraint laws:

  1. The height and dimensions of a fence surrounding an area used by large dogs would need to be at a minimum 8 feet tall.
  2. The establishment of rules for proper leashing and restraining of a dog when it is in public.

The legislation is meant primarily for larger breeds of dogs, but the principle of proper restraining covers all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Dog Bites

Bites and attacks from dogs are a dangerous occurrence that can result in hospital bills and emotional suffering. When a person adopts or purchases a dog to raise and take care of, that person is responsible for how the dog behaves and what areas it can access. If that person’s dog causes harm to someone else, that owner is responsible for monetary payments for both physical and emotional suffering.

If you’ve been injured by a dog or have had someone die due to a dog attack, call us today. We can help you determine if the dog’s owner is responsible for your pain and suffering.