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The Responsible Dog Ownership Act

dog bite Responsible Dog Ownership Act

Bites from animals like dogs can result in serious injury or even death. Thanks to proper training and ownership, most dogs are well-behaved pets and easy to interact with. But if dogs are neglected, abused, or in a protective mindset, they can quickly turn from friendly to ferocious. Most cities or counties have some type […]

Am I Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

workers' compensation lawyers

Injuries can happen anywhere and at any time. Luckily, if your injury arises from your workplace, your medical bills and lost wages may be compensated by your employer. The rules can be unclear, however, so here’s a quick rundown of who can be covered by workers’ compensation. What It Is Workers’ compensation (sometimes called workmans’ […]

Princeton Pays $1.75 Million in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Taking legal action following a death can be one of the more difficult tasks of the mourning process. If you consider the death of a friend or loved one as the fault of another party, we strongly suggest you hire a professional to guide you through the process. After 24-year-old Colin Simonelli died last year […]

New Jersey Man Receives $1.2 Million Settlement in Slip-and-Fall Accident

Premises liability accidents, like a slip-and-fall, can have serious long-term consequences. A slip-and-fall can happen in any season, anytime, and anywhere in New Jersey. A recent example of a devastating slip-and-fall accident was in the news. A New Jersey man suffered spinal injuries after a slip-and-fall accident on a wet supermarket floor. His spinal injuries required surgery […]

New Jersey Dog Walker Receives $850,000 for Dog Bite Attack

A dog bite can cause serious physical and emotional injuries. A New Jersey dog sitter recently received an $850,000 jury award for her injuries. The woman was dog sitting for a neighbor’s 80-pound dog when it jumped and bit her face. She was attempting to take the dog for a walk. The woman says the […]

New Jersey Woman Hit by a Forklift at the Grocery Store

Personal injury cases in New Jersey are frequently in the news. A Ramsey, NJ woman recently filed a lawsuit against a corporate grocery store owner. She says that a forklift struck her when she visited one of the company’s stores in Bergen County. After the incident, the woman reported painful injuries requiring medical treatment. She […]

Just 1 Percent of Doctors Pay a Third of Medical Malpractice Claims

New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that just one percent of doctors are responsible for more than 30 percent of paid medical malpractice claims in the past decade. Some people might say this is good news. Unfortunately, doctors in New Jersey are entrusted to meet a very low standard of care requirements. The truth […]

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $17.5 Million Settlement in Another Pelvic Mesh Suit

Johnson & Johnson faces punitive damages of $17.5 million in the latest trial loss over its pelvic surgical mesh implant. The controversial product has been at the center of nearly 55,000 lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company recently. The latest verdict, adds $17.5 million to the company’s growing settlement costs over the defective product. This case […]