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2 Players On South Jersey High School Basketball Team Bit By A Dog In A Series Of Attacks In Camden

Two South Jersey students from the Woodrow Wilson High School girls’ basketball team were bit by a dog that made its way aboard a bus taking them to an away game.

Surprising the school’s team and staff, the dog hopped on the bus as the girls were boarding with their teammates when they were attacked and bit by the dog. Both girls needed stitches from the dog bites and were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

The other players on the Woodrow Wilson team, as well as school staff, were able to exit the bus without incident. They also were able to trap the dog inside the bus until they could get help.

The Camden City School District said the girls that were attacked are now resting at their homes and they were being monitored closely after the incident. The rest of the basketball team did make it to the game by using a series of cars to get there.

According to reports, this is not the first time the dog has bit a person. Earlier in the same day, another victim was attacked by the dog, in what was later a series of attacks by the same animal in Camden. She suffered cuts and bites to her legs after the dog and two others began to follow her. She made it to a neighbor’s house, but not before she was bit to the bone by the dog. The neighbor fended the dog off with a pole.

The police are looking for the owners of the dog, which is a pit bull.

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