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Get Back on Your Feet Financially with an Experienced Bankruptcy Buddy

Picture of a petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

As someone who’s been helping folks file successful bankruptcies since 2008, I’ve seen it all when it comes to debt disasters. Believe me, I understand the panic of realizing you’re in way over your head money-wise. But I’m here to tell you there’s a light at the end of the financial tunnel if you take the right steps, starting with calling your new bankruptcy buddy – me!

 I’m bankruptcy attorney, Andrew Archer, and I can practically hear you shouting, “Bankruptcy, no way!” I get it, the B-word has scary connotations and sounds like something only deadbeats and spendthrifts need. I’m not judging if overspending got you here – hey, I’ve made some unwise purchases over the years too (that inground pool seemed like a great idea at the time).

The point is, it doesn’t matter how you ended up with mountains of debt making it impossible to keep your head above water. What matters is taking action so you and your family can start living – and breathing – easier again.

Wipe the Slate Clean with Chapter 7
Maybe you lost a job and fell behind on the mortgage. Perhaps you or a family member had a serious illness that buried you in medical bills. Whatever the reason, finding yourself drowning in credit card balances, overdue utility bills, and loans that keep ballooning despite your best efforts to pay them off becomes demoralizing.
That’s where filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy comes in – it’s like hitting a giant “delete” button on much of what you owe. Any unsecured debts like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, deficiencies from repossessed property, and utility bills get discharged and wiped from your record. Poof, gone!
You’re probably wondering – what’s the catch? There really isn’t one for most people. Here’s the great news – your home, car, retirement accounts, and necessities are usually protected in Chapter 7. Most filers keep all their property because they have little or nothing significant that isn’t exempt.

Budget-Friendly Debt Relief Through Chapter 13
If have fallen behind on mortgage payments or car payments, Chapter 13 is a great option. I call it the guaranteed way to save your home from foreclosure. Under court protection, you make reduced monthly payments on your debts over 3-5 years. How cool is that?
And with Chapter 13, we can discharge those pesky credit cards, personal loans and medical bills.
After filing, many of my clients feel instant relief as the collection calls, collection letters and the threat of foreclosure vanish.

Bounce Back Faster Than You Expect
Most clients are nervous about filing bankruptcy because they fear it will decimate their credit for 10 years or more. Take it from me, that’s mostly hype. Responsibly using secured credit cards and small loans shortly after your discharge starts rebuilding your scores quickly.
Within 12-18 months, many former bankruptcy filers see scores back in the mid-600s already. One delighted client told me she qualified for a car loan at a great rate just six months after her Chapter 7 discharge!
With focused effort, strong credit in the 700s is achievable within 3-5 years post-bankruptcy. That means you can realize major goals like financing a home, starting a business, or returning to college sooner than you probably expect.
If you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, then two years after your case closes you can get approved for a mortgage! A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lasts less than six months, so I usually tell my clients that about two and a half years after the case is filed, you can purchase a new home for your family.

There’s Light Beyond the Financial Storm Clouds
Dealing with relentless debt collectors, angry creditors, constant money stress, and feeling like a financial failure takes a huge emotional toll. But you have options for regaining sanity and breathing freely again. With my caring, personalized guidance, filing bankruptcy can mark a positive turning point in your life story.
If you’re ready to shed the heavy debt burdens dragging you down and move forward unencumbered, give your new bankruptcy buddy (me!) a call. I promise an uplifting and hopeful conversation about how to rewrite your financial future.