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4 Bankruptcy & Credit Cards FAQs

According to the Statista Research Department, 522,808 non-business bankruptcy cases were filed in 2020 alone. Even though filing for bankruptcy is fairly common, many people have no idea what the process entails. Can you keep any credit cards after filing for bankruptcy? What will happen to your credit score? Our bankruptcy lawyers at Brenner Spiller […]

Pros and Cons of Short Sales

Each year, millions of Americans struggle to keep up with their mortgage. Financial issues from the sudden death of a loved one, prolonged unemployment, and other issues can leave a homeowner overwhelmed without many options. This is around the time when homeowners start considering a short sale. A short sale allows a homeowner to sell […]

Foreclosure Defense Strategies

The U.S. economy isn’t lifting everyone in New Jersey out of debt. If you want to avoid foreclosure and save your home, or you’re wondering how to get a loan modification, you need the help of a foreclosure attorney. Dealing with your lender and negotiating mortgage issues are simply too complex to manage alone. An […]

Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy: Which is Better?

Bankruptcy and credit cards

Debt is a frustrating beast. No one enjoys debt and losing control of it only adds to the mental (and monetary) stress. The good news is that there are two popular options to help manage overbearing repayments: debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Here’s how to tell which one will best help your situation. What is Debt […]

6 Alternatives to Foreclosure

Foreclosure is a term that’s plagued with financial and social stigma and it brings to mind struggle, irresponsibility and loss. But though it has this stigma, many don’t realize that foreclosure could really happen to anyone. Anything from an unexpected loss in the family to prolonged unemployment, or even a sudden illness could lead to a […]

5 Debt Relief Options in New Jersey

Picture of money and a gavel.

Have you ever made a big purchase and thought it was a big investment? Maybe you decided to build equity by owning a home, or you saw an advantage to owning a second home. Perhaps you thought owning a car would give you convenience and independence for years down the road. But then, the bills […]

How to Get Out of Debt Without Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn’t right for everyone. That might sound odd coming from a law firm that specializes in bankruptcy cases. We’re here to help anyone who is confident they want to file for bankruptcy, but we’re not going to sugar coat it. Getting out of debt is hard. There’s no getting around it, you will need […]

The Connection Between Stress and Bankruptcy

expensive christmas, money being pushed at santa

The holidays are a stressful time. Not just because you have to see your family members again, but because the holidays can be expensive!  Those who are already worried about finances may dread the holidays, as they dig themselves deeper into debt during this time. People often find that considerable financial obligations and large debts […]

My Bonus Check and Filing For Bankruptcy

Getting a bonus check from your employer for all of your hard work? That’s great! But what happens to your bonus if you file for bankruptcy? It depends on a few things: When you get the bonus If you normally get this bonus every year The type of bankruptcy you file for Where you file […]

Did It Just Become Easier For People With Student Loan Debt To File For Bankruptcy?

Not all college graduates are as fortunate as this year’s Morehouse College seniors, surprised with the news delivered during billionaire investor Robert F. Smith’s commencement speech that he will be paying off their student loan debt. Smith’s generous gift is estimated at $40 million. That is one (lucky) graduating class of 396 students. Just How […]