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The Connection Between Stress and Bankruptcy

The holidays are a stressful time.

Not just because you have to see your family members again, but because the holidays can be expensive! 

Those who are already worried about finances may dread the holidays, as they dig themselves deeper into debt during this time. People often find that considerable financial obligations and large debts can result in an incredible amount of stress already. In fact, a lot of people who are struggling underneath a mountain of debt bring about even more stress by doing everything they possibly can to avoid filing for bankruptcy. The reality is that filing for bankruptcy may be the best decision you ever make. It also has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Imagine what it will be like to no longer have to worry about being called by creditors and threatened by lawyers looking to collect on behalf of their clients. Picture a day in which you will no longer be worried about your financial struggles being discovered by your friends, co-workers, bosses, or family members. Bankruptcy is often the first step toward rebuilding both your credit and your life.

Debt Problems and Health Struggles

santa piggy bankYou deserve to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, financial difficulties often lead to mounting levels of debt, stress, and general unhappiness. Beyond that, the mental and emotional stress brought about by financial concerns can also result in poor physical health. Stress and money problems are part of a vicious cycle. The stress that comes with financial difficulties often leads to serious medical conditions. The Mayo Clinic noted that chronic stress can have deleterious effects on a person’s body and mind and place that person at risk of numerous health problems, including heart disease, severe headaches, depression, anxiety, digestive difficulties, sleep problems, obesity, skin conditions, and memory impairment. In the worst cases, too much stress can result in serious illness and even death.

Many times, the best way to break free from this cycle is to file for bankruptcy and get a fresh start. The benefits of declaring bankruptcy go way beyond clearing your debts and resolving your financial problems. In fact, it is remarkable how many people in poor health suddenly find that they are healthier, and happier, after finally filing for bankruptcy. Do not be afraid to take control of your life back from the creditors who harass you on a daily basis. And do not let the stigma of bankruptcy or a picture-perfect holiday stop you from doing what is in your best interests. A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can take a look at your finances, devise a plan for getting you out of debt, and handle all the legal issues while you focus your energies on what really matters this holiday season; your health, your happiness, and your loved ones.

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